Skinbooster treatment increases luster, moisture and elasticity in the skin as well as providing deep hydration, improving skin quality and giving it a natural glow.
You can either book a single treatment or book three treatments all together.

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Skinbooster - 1 ml

Skinbooster help attract and retain moisture to the skin to restore a healthy and natural glow promoting deep hydration.

Book Now  Price 2000 kr

Skinbooster - 1 ml x 3

Three treatments with 2-4 weeks interval. Optimal hydration and retaining of moisture deep into the skin providing a healthy glow.

Book Now Price 5000 kr


Skinbooster consists of a specially designed hyaluronic acid that stays longer in the body than the body's own hyaluronic acid does. The filler is injected in micro-doses under the skin and absorbs water and provides long-lasting hydration.
Skinbooster gives the skin increased radiance, fullness and elasticity, for a rejuvenated appearance and an improved skin quality.
For optimal hydration and best results we recommend three treatments with 2-4 weeks interval. After such a 3-step treatment, we recommend to maintain with a treatment every 6 months.
Areas that you can advantageously have Skinbooster in are face, neck, décolleté and backs of the hands and more