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Course length

1 Day




4 Hours

Course Fee in EUR

EUR: 1 000 + VAT


Stockholm, Sweden


8 Points


4 Hours

Course Fee in SEK

SEK: 11 000 + VAT

Course Structure

There are a variety of different traditional facial treatments. We call them “Red Carpet Treatments”.  

Traditional facial treatments are normally performed by using a combination of various cosmetic products. These treatments have been very popular for the last 2-3 decades.  

Our certified and highly experienced Aesthetic instructors will teach you a variety of cosmetic products that can be used in combination with these treatments to maximize the treatment effects.  

All our one-day courses are divided into two parts. Theory 2-4 hours and Hands on, the practical part on live models for 2-4 hours in afternoon.

A comprehensive journey designed for beauty enthusiasts and professionals eager to master the timeless techniques of facial care. This course takes you through a detailed exploration of traditional facial treatments for the face, neck, décolletage, and hands, blending ancient wisdom with modern aesthetics to rejuvenate and enhance natural beauty.

Understanding the indications and contraindications of these treatments forms the foundation of our curriculum, ensuring that each procedure promotes wellness and beauty while respecting the unique needs and conditions of each client. We also delve into the art of combining various facial treatments with other aesthetic services, offering practical tips to create a holistic beauty regimen that addresses individual concerns and amplifies results.

Learn about the morphology, physiology, and functions of different skin layers, the intricacies of facial blood circulation and innervation, and the pivotal role of facial musculature. This knowledge enables you to tailor treatments to the unique canvas of each client’s face, enhancing both the experience and the outcomes.

Skin types and face types are as diverse as the individuals we serve. Our course provides essential insights into identifying various skin types and classifying different face types, equipping you with the skills to customize treatments for personalized care. Documenting the transformation through before-and-after photos is not only satisfying but also a powerful tool for showcasing your work and guiding further treatments.

Navigating the world of aesthetic complications is crucial for any professional. We cover the types of complications that can arise, offering strategies for prevention and management, and emphasizing post-treatment precautions to ensure the safety and satisfaction of your clients.

Lastly, we guide you through the best practices to protect and hydrate the skin following treatments, ensuring long-lasting benefits and radiant health. Understanding the optimal timing for subsequent aesthetic treatments allows you to plan a sustainable beauty regimen that keeps skin vibrant and youthful.


The knowledge you will gain from this course

Traditional Facial Treatments Course Content


Finance your courses.

In Sweden, you can pay your course fee by receiving an invoice via email or through a study loan from our partner,, which allows you to pay in installments over 2-3 years. For details, visit their website. International students can use Stripe or PayPal on our website for payment, accepting all major debit and credit cards, including American Express. 

You do not need a PayPal account to pay online. PayPal will not ask you to set one up as part of the payment process. It is just a secure way of paying online and protecting all your sensitive card details. 

VAT: International delegates will not pay VAT for their courses with us.
This rule can be changed in future if Swedish Tax agency changes its rules for VAT for international students. 

VAT (Moms) in Sweden is 25% of the value of course fee. This value will only be added to the course fee for candidates from Sweden. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Nordic Skin Medical & Aesthetic Collage, Stockholm, Sweden. We normally run our short courses 2-3 times a month, both on working days and on weekends.

You can book this course by sending us an email or by calling us  


Telephone: 0046706241179

All our Sweden based Injectables are open to registered medical doctors, dentists, nurses, midwives, pharmacists, dental therapists/ hygienists and paramedics from around the world. We regularly train international delegates. 

NOTE: Before booking our courses, we recommend you check what would be required in your country to practice injectables. The rules can vary among different countries for practicing aesthetic medicine.  

All our delegates will be covered by our medical insurance on the day of the training course. Our cosmetic training courses are accredited by the Swedish leading aesthetic insurers called Folksam ( You will receive certificates upon graduation allowing you to gain insurance in your own country.  

We provide all cosmetic models for our training courses. We have plenty of cosmetic models on each course to make sure you get lots of hands-on practice on real-life patients. But if you want, you can take your own model with you. All our models normally pay a reduced price for their treatments on our training courses. Please visit our website for more information

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