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Fillers / Botox models for Nordic Skin Academy

Are you interested in aesthetic treatments and want to try a treatment yourself?
You can now easily book in as a model for our registered course participants, completely free of charge! (free treatments only apply for a short period)

Before your visit

Theoretical information is given prior to training, and participants practice injection methods with the trainers before injecting models on the training day. Each of our instructors is a seasoned professional who runs their own clinics in England and Sweden. They will demonstrate and carefully monitor all treatments throughout the day, ensuring that you are always in good hands.

What you get by being a model at Nordic Skin Academy

✓ You get to see what it's like to enter the aesthetic world
✓ You see direct results in the desired treatment area
✓ You get volume in slack areas that need more lifting
✓ You get a younger look immediately after the course
✓ You can customize how you want to shape and highlight a specific treatment area
✓ You are continuously monitored by our Master Injector and expert Alex, who properly instructs trainees on proper hand technique, filler quantity, and angle, among other things.
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