Special Offer

Special Offer

Currently, we offer our customers 15% off on their first treatment with us from any of the given below
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Special Offer

We offer our customers 15% off on their First visit with Us, and from time to time special offers in general. Follow us on instagram to not miss any @nordicskinklinik

Lip Filler

Lip augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that will give you a plumper and fuller lips. Many types of dermal fillers is used in the market today but the most common ones are those containing hyaluronic acid - which is a natural substance found in our bodies.

Nasolabial Line Filler

The nasolabial fold is the deep crease running from both sides of the nose down towards the corners of the mouth. Ageing causes these lines to become more prominent. Repeated smiling or having a “big smile” can even result in permanent, deep creases in these areas. These folds can be corrected through injections of dermal filler into the surrounding area, restoring the lost volume and softening the appearance of these creases.

Jawline Fillers

As we age, we loose volume in our lower face making our face appear saggy. Jaw fillers is a type of injected dermal fillers we use on our customers who wants to achieve an effect of a more defined and sculpted jawline. Our doctor adds symmetry, balance, definition and contour to your jawline area while maintaining a natural look. Results may vary, treatment can last from few months up to 2 years!