PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

A treatment for stimulating hairgrowth, collagen prouction in skin and regenerate tissues.
Same treatment can even be used to give your face a fresh and glowing look. Plama from your own blood sample is used for this treatment.

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PRP - Hairloss

To promote hairgrowth and prevent hairloss/balding

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PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment

PRP - Face

For wrinkles, reducing scars, facial rejuvenation and more

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PRP / Platelet rich plasma)

About 8-10 milliliters blood is taken from you. After centrifuging it for about 5 minutes, we achieve plasma containing a high concentration of your own platelets and various growth factors, vitamins etc.
By injecting this product at the bottom of hairs at your head you will get a significant speedy growth of healthier hairs in whole head, especially within the treated area.
After this treatment, a patient can even get rid of a chronic irritation and eczema at head skin.