Marionette filler


Marionette lines - filler

The lines that go from the mouth pores to the chin are always visible, although they are most obvious when our mouths are closed. This is due to cheek fat creeping down and accumulating around the mouth, resulting in sour mouth pores and hamster sacs.

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Marionette lines - filler

It's natural for the face to lose volume with time, which causes the mouth pores to shrink. You may get rid of acidic mouth pores and rapidly restore a more positive appearance with a discreet and efficient treatment option with fillers.
Before the treatment, a consultation is held, and the treatment can be done with a sharp needle or a blunt needle, depending on how far the lines reach. Treatment using a blunt cannula is said to be more gentle and reduces the chance of bruising.
The injection already contains anesthetics called Lidocaine.