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Botox  – Pro

Our Pro course in Botox we will cover you with the latest knowledge and skills to treat the most requested injection areas in the market.

Course Content:

This Pro level training complements your previous knowledge of botox and we focus on a more in-depth learning about the face and its anatomy, hand technique for a precise botox placement, treatment plan and much more. This course is perfect for you who want to get the majority of the skills patients are in need of for a botox treatment and you will be able to treat most of the botox cases.

We place a high focus on practical work to maintain the same high standard and quality as the basic course.

After completing the course, you will receive a certificate/diploma. You can then, in a safe and secure way, apply aesthetic treatments on specified facial areas & you will now feel like a fully trained injector.

Support from our doctor and a goodie-bag will also be given containing good quality course literature and clinic related material you’ll need to get the best start as possible in your journey!

Our training always lasts a full day whether you take one course or combine. We also limit the number of participants to 3 per training. Therefore, you get a more individual tutorial, and greater practical training.

We offer you to work with two models, and after your diploma – you are welcome to train on two more models to refresh your knowledge!

Lunch and coffee included.

At Pro-Botox you will learn to treat the following:

Gummy smile

Bunny lines

Nosetip lift

Nasolabial folds

Advanced eyebrow lift in natural, harmful or toxic ptosis

Smoke wrinkles (rökrynkor)

Who do we train?

We only train Nurses, Doctors and Dentists in injection treatments.

Price: 9500 SEK  ex. moms

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