Botox – Basic

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Botox – Basic

Our basic course in Botox we will cover you with the latest knowledge and skills to treat the most requested injection areas in the market.

Course Content:

In this course we will focus on:

  • Anatomicy
  • Several kinds of injection techniques
  • Botox complications,
  • Effect of different botox volumes,
  • Consultation
  • Hands-on
  • Consent
  • Danger zones
  • Medical record

And much more.

Candidates will receive an international diploma as well as course materials after finishing the course. Following completion of the course, Nordic Skin Academy facilitates communication with vendors in order to reach agreements for Microtox and other treatments. You will additionally be capable of taking benefits of our discounts we get hold of in settlement with the suppliers!

Support from dr. Alex and a goodie-bag will also be given in the end – containing good quality course literature and clinic-related material you’ll need to get the best start as possible in your journey!

Our training always lasts a full day whether you take one course or combine. We also limit the number of participants to 3 per training. Therefore, you get a more individual tutorial and greater practical training.

We offer you to work with two models, and after your diploma – you are welcome to train on two more models to refresh your knowledge.

Lunch and coffee included.  


Who do we train?

We only train Nurses, Doctors and Dentists in injection treatments.


At Bas-Botox you will learn to treat the following:

Glabella (angry wrinkle)


Laughter wrinkles (kråksparkarna)


Price: 9500 SEK  ex. moms


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9.500 kr